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China-India Tech Week (Issue 01)

Jan 25, 2018 by The Passage Team
China-India Tech Week (Issue 01)

Hey! Welcome to China-India Tech Week.

This is the first newsletter in 2018. I am more than happier to share an exciting news with you. Some months ago, I founded a pan-Asia tech media The Passage, which places heavy emphasis on China and India startups. This news portal is going to run on daily base from next week. And you can subscribe this newsletter through there.

In the past year, Tencent and Alibaba have been in a throat-cut tussle across Southeast Asia. They are almost on a par. The story in India is quite different. Tencent has secured more funding here than Alibaba. However, Alibaba is ahead of the race because they possess an aggressive and consistent strategy which Tencent lack of. A source with Tencent acknowledged with me that they are too impassive in India. And they are determined to make a change. Predictably, the Tencent-Alibaba war of this year in India will be very catchy.

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4 Must-Read in China Tech

Didi has a brilliant plan to contain the threat of China’s bike-sharing services

By introducing its own service inside its own app to its own (massive) userbase, Didi aims to tame the two companies.

Comment: Bike-sharing war in China is back. Unexpectedly, the major rivals are Didi and Ofo. Indeed, Didi is an early investor of Ofo. There are wide-spread rumors that Didi has broken up with Ofo due to misconception over Ofo's strategy.

Toutiao, Phoenix News Punished for Allegedly Spreading Porn

The Beijing Cyberspace Administration ordered Toutiao, operated by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co. Ltd., to suspend updating six news channels, including Recommendations, Hotspot and Business, for 24 hours beginning from 6 P.M. Friday.

Comments: Toutiao's rise could not have been so rapid without the back from some high-level politician. When they are in trouble, Toutiao is also affected. This is a warning to tame Toutiao as well.

How Chinese bitcoin buyers are getting around the government ban

Buying cryptocurrencies is like shopping on Ebay: choose the coin you want, then offers from multiple sellers appear. Buyers can link their bank accounts or use popular mobile payment methods like Alibaba’s Alipay or Tencent’s WeChat Pay. Once they get their hands on the coins, investors can trade them on any exchange in the world.

Comments: The crackdown can not wipe the crytocurrencies startups out across China. Indeed, the new regulation is pushing the dealers into OTC. Meanwhile, many of them are shifting to foreign countries, such as Singapore, Japan, Georgia. India is likely to another destination.

*Alibaba, Tencent, SoftBank corner Amazon and Uber to become the biggest allies of India’s digital entrepreneurs *

The Bigbasket deal, which is in the final stages of completion, may not be the last time such a scenario plays out in India, with US and Chinese internet giants fighting to mark their territories here.

Comments: Such trending are sure to be boosted this year.

China-India Bonds in Tech

China’s Alibaba on road to deliver $100 million to XpressBees

XpressBees is the logistics business spun out of baby and maternity products retailer FirstCry, known for its acquisition of Mahindra's Babyoye in 2016. The company competes with other online retail-focused logistics services providers like Delhivery and Ecom Express.

*Naspers may partner Tencent to deliver $200 million to Swiggy *

The development comes shortly after Japan's SoftBank dropped out of talks to invest $200-250 million in Swiggy for a significant minority stake.

Comments: The same war in the food-delivery sector took place about three years ago in China. At the moment, it is repeating here after Alibaba funds Zomato.

ShareChat raises $18 million from Xiaomi Singapore, others in Series B round

In an earlier interaction with Mint, Sharechat co-founder Ankush Sachdeva had said video consumption quadrupled on Sharechat after the launch of Jio in September 2016. Video consumption was 5 million minutes per day in August 2017; this touched 18 million minutes per day by December 2017.

Comments: Xiaomi is also building its own ecosystem across India as well.

China Startup-Dingus

What’s the latest mobile fad to seize China? Answer: Real-time quiz apps

Real-time quiz apps have become the latest overnight hit in the country’s cyberspace, with billions of yuan in cash prizes awarded to the smartest smartphone users.

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