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China Daily Brief

China Tech Daily Briefing (Jan 17)

Jan 17, 2019 by The Passage Team
China Tech Daily Briefing (Jan 17)
  1. CCTV International Network takes short video app Jike to court over football World Cup gif.

  2. Douyin now features direct link to Bytedance’s e-commerce platform Fangxingou.

  3. Electrical appliance giant Gree’s 2018 revenue esitmated to be between USD 29.53 - 29.68 billion.

  4. AI startup Moredian raises USD 8.9 million in Pre-B round.

  5. Guangdong Unicom makes world’s first call on a 5G network.

  6. Didi drivers can now cancel on drunk passengers.

  7. Bytedance denies news of faillng behind revenue expectations.

  8. Beiijing to install facial recognition system for around 200 public rental housing in 2019.

(By Xintong Chen, intern at The Passage)

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