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China Daily Brief

China Tech Daily Briefing (Jan 30)

Jan 30, 2019 by The Passage Team
China Tech Daily Briefing (Jan 30)
  1. Number of mini programs on Alipay reaches 120K, daily active users breaks 230Mn.

  2. JD’s Richard Liu Qiangdong registers new retail company, his assistant Zhang Fang is legal representative.

  3. Apple booked USD 13Bn in revenue from China last quarter, down 27% from a year ago.

  4. China regulator approves new game by Tencent among the fifth batch of licences.

  5. Xiaopeng Motor CEO He Xiaopeng says Tesla is not regarded as the main competitor in China.

  6. WeChat security team blocks more than 6K “fraud” accounts.

  7. Beijing education authority wants ban on ads, online games, etc., in social media groups with elementary- or middle-school children.

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