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China Tech Daily Briefing (May 23)

May 23, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (May 23)
  1. Baidu search engine: the medical advertisements have a part of the business
  2. Short video tik tok’s hot video has been blocked in Tencent Video
  3. 56 early stage staffs in Xiaomi got 200 times ROI from IPO
  4. Photo APP Beauty Camera to transfer to social media in June
  5. Xiaomi to step in France and Italy market
  6. Fishery B2B please Haishangxian finishes C round funding
  7. Snack retailer platform Bomao raises CNY 30 million in A round
  8. Road freight platform Zhongchu Zhiyun raises hundreds of millions in B round
  9. vivo to release World Cup Special smartphone
  10. Baidu to launch Smart Mini Program in July
Ruiyao Luo

Ruiyao Luo is a Beijing-based tech reporter. She focuses on emerging startups and tracks the trends in the startup industry in India and China. She can be reached at

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