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Collaborative Development: Momentum Works and The Passage Join Hands to Expand in Overseas Market

May 24, 2018 by The Passage Team
Collaborative Development: Momentum Works and The Passage Join Hands to Expand in Overseas Market

Momentum Works and The Passage signed a joint strategic plan (MoU) on May 3, aiming at breaking into the global Internet investment market.

Exciting collaboration between Momentum Works and The Passage

According to data released by authorities, the investment market in developing countries will generate USD 500 billion in 2020. Among those countries, China’s experience will play an important role in leading local startups and investment organizations. In the process, the overseas market will leave an open field for Chinese companies to thrive in.

Momentum Works spotlights Southeastern regions where the company is able to utilize abundant local resources, rely on its experience and expert teams, launch collaborative projects, and set up strategic plan to help overseas explorers and investors make effective decisions. The company owns several subsidiaries in Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Its members are engaged in business activities in Southeastern Asia, India, Middle East, and South America.

The Passage focuses on the Asian market, centered around India. It covers news, related to technology startups and markets. The headquarters of the company is located in Bangalore, India with international correspondent branches in Beijing and New York. The Passage is operated by professionals specialized in reporting in-depth news relating to technology-business. Its Chinese and English content are held in high regard by national and international experts in the industry.

The two companies have been able to establish a strategic and complementary partnership by combining Momentum’s 360° investigation and comprehension of the Southeastern market, with the in-depth reports and analysis about the Indian market provided by The Passage. This would help them seek out fresh opportunities in the Asian market.

Collaborative development in global market

In recent years, Southeastern Asia and India have come into the spotlight of international investors and entrepreneurs. In this process, Momentum Works has helped Chinese and Southeastern partners to handle diverse problems, ranging from exploring the feasibility of the global market to localizing and forming cohesive teams, as well as applying for business licenses, submitting customs clearance and other issues. At the same time, Momentum Works is increasingly enhancing its core competencies, striving to help more partners to establish and localize in Southeastern nations.

Momentum Works believes that besides the Southeastern market, India boasts infinite possibilities. As an advanced media platform localized in India, The Passage will provide precise, efficient, and primary information to partners that are interested in the Indian market.

The Passage trusts that Momentum’s powerful executive capability is complementary for its content business and in creating an integrative and comprehensive globalizing system.


Both Momentum Works and The Passage understand that opportunities and challenges go together in the Southeastern market, including India. The two collaborators now attempt to help more partners who plan to expand their business and invest in overseas markets. They are firmly convinced that their collaboration will set more milestones in the path of development, creating multi-win opportunities for them and their partners.

Momentum Works and The Passage whole-heartedly invite partners for the purpose of collaborative expansion and development to branch into and invest in global markets. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Passage Team

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