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WhatsApp launches fact-checking service in India

Apr 3, 2019 by The Passage Team
WhatsApp launches fact-checking service in India

WhatsApp has launched a fact-checking service, Checkpoint Tipline, to tackle the spread of misinformation and fake news through its platform ahead of the general elections in India.

The Facebook-owned messaging service is working with local startup ProtoDig, Deeper Media and Meedan to classify messages sent on WhatsApp by users as true, false, misleading or disputed. The firm will also build a database of such content to better understand misinformation, Reuters reported.

WhatsApp users can submit all information received through the messaging platform to the ‘Tipline’ on WhatsApp (+91-9643-000-888). Following this, PROTO’s verification centre will “seek to respond and inform the user” if the information received is verified or not.

Users can submit messages, including images, video and text in English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Malayalam. Dig Deeper Media and Meedan will also be involved in the effort.

In July, Whatsapp had put a limit (5) on the number of times a message could be forwarded on the platform in India. The limit was expanded globally this year. In September, it appointed a grievance officer in India, who would also look into complaints on fake news.

Facebook had announced on Monday that it had removed 103 Pages, Groups and accounts on both Facebook and Instagram for engaging in coordinated inauthentic behavior as part of a network that originated in Pakistan.

Source: Reuters

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