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YouTube launches features in India to make news transparent

Apr 16, 2019 by The Passage Team
YouTube launches features in India to make news transparent

YouTube has announced it is introducing key features to make news experience more transparent and contextual in poll-bound India. It is going to make authoritative news sources readily available on search results and homepage, provide fact checking from eligible publishers in English and Hindi, and furnish the funding details of news publishers, YouTube said.

The Google-owned video streaming platform said, “In the last few years, news has become an integral part of YouTube’s experience for millions of Indians online. With improved connectivity and low cost of data, watch-time of India’s authoritative news sources has more than tripled over the past two years. We have been hard at work to ensure that we are responsibly growing news and supporting news publishers on YouTube.”

Youtube said its Top News shelf would prominently highlight videos from authoritative news sources in search results, and its Breaking News shelf would highlight videos from authoritative news organisations about that event directly on the YouTube homepage.

Both features are currently launched in more than 30 countries, including India in both English and Hindi. It also said it has expanded the information panels in English and Hindi to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube in India.

YouTube also said that to support quality journalism and the news industry through innovation in technology, they have committed USD 25 million to the news industry, as a part of a broader USD 300 million investment by the Google News Initiative. In December, the company had announced funding to 87 news projects from 23 countries around the world to build stronger video capabilities and innovate with new video formats. Ten of these projects came from India, it said.

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