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Yao Baogang Quitting Microsoft For Chinese SF Express

May 31, 2018 by Yun Nie
Yao Baogang Quitting Microsoft For Chinese SF Express

Yao Baogang, the manager of the Microsoft program in Beijing, may quit his current position to go to work for Chinese express delivery company - SF Express. According to insiders, he has already departed from his current position in Microsoft company a few days ago and might join as the CTO of Chinese SF Express.

Before this relocation, Yao Baogang had been with Microsoft after obtaining his master’s degree from University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, with specialization in computer science in 1996. He subsequently worked as a software developer, group manager, and engineer director in the department of Internet Services Business Unit, NT Networking, bCentral, and Business Solutions Group. In 2003, Yao Baogang joined the Microsoft Research Lab of Asia and was in charge of Google’s Engineering Institute, based in China.

Yao Baogang came into the spotlight due to his prominent contributions to Microsoft. He was designated the Group Product and Engineering Manager for the Microsoft Artificial Intelligence (AI) Division, supervising engineering and product management teams working on Bing Search Engine, AI Assistant, and AI core technologies including Image/Video Understanding, Speech, Knowledge Graph, and Search systems. The world-famous AI project - Microsoft Cortana (mobile version) - was directly under his administration.

In 2017, Microsoft’s business partner, Harman Kardon, that provided the company premium speakers, released a new product called Invoke and Cortana as its internal AI assistant. A few months earlier, Microsoft and Amazon had simultaneously announced that users can activate Alexa when they said “call Alexa” to Cortana in devices that were installed with Windows 10 system.

Yao Baobang, the project manager of AI assistant Cortana, set up the goal of the “ubiquitous Artificial Intelligence”, focusing on operating efficiency as a mobile application and a multi-functional platform. Because of Yao’s dedication to the project, Microsoft has been able to provide their coveted AI technology to business partners, and has allied with other companies in the industry.

However, Yao Baogang’s stint at Microsoft is coming to an end. Based on a reliable source, he is cited to join Chinese SF Express as the Chief Technology Officer. Compared to Microsoft that provided technology-centric services, SF Express is the second largest courier service in China and provides domestic and international express delivery. It has a fleet of 31 cargo aircraft, of which 13 are owned by its subsidiary SF Airlines.

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