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China Daily Brief

China Tech Daily Briefing (April 25)

Apr 25, 2019 by The Passage Team
China Tech Daily Briefing (April 25)
  1. Social media platform PDD’s revenue in FY 2018 reached USD 1.95 billion and losses touched USD 1.35 billion.

  2. OPPO to set up a 5G experience centre with China Unicom.

  3. Gartner report shows Alibaba Cloud tops market share in Asia-Pacific (APAC).

  4. Sport community is reportedly preparing to get listed.

  5. Elevator advertising company Focus Media's net profit in 2019 Q1 down by 71.81% to USD 50.5 million.

  6. Meituan's self-driving delivery vehicle passes government test.

  7. NASDAQ-listed edutech company Tal Education Group exits from audio platform

  8. Video streaming website sues ByteDance for copyright violation.

(Reported by Ruiyao Luo, staff reporter at The Passage)

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