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China Tech Daily Briefing (Jun 9)

Jun 9, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (Jun 9)
  1. Report says ofo cut 50% staff in Singapore and sold the bike in discount
  2. Alibaba’s Ant Financial raises US 14 billion in C round funding
  3. Founder of smart loudspeaker Raven Lv Cheng may leave Baidu after 1 year of acquisition
  4. WeChat strengthens official account advertisement
  5. Tencent denies the cut of subsidy in short video APP Weishi
  6. Youku says no influence from SARFT’s ban of Internet live of The World Cup
  7. Xiaomi releases sports shoes and power strip
  8. Kunming city rules of sharing-bike: no advertisement in bike and no parking in bus/railway station
Ruiyao Luo

Ruiyao Luo is a Beijing-based tech reporter. She focuses on emerging startups and tracks the trends in the startup industry in India and China. She can be reached at

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