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Panel head wants to go for 5G trials without Chinese vendors

Jul 2, 2019 by The Passage Team
Panel head wants to go for 5G trials without Chinese vendors

Principal scientific adviser K Vijayraghavan said India should go for 5G trials immediately with all, except for Chinese vendors. For China, we should prepare pros and cons for going with them, he said.

Raghavan, who heads a high-level committee on 5G, said this at a June 13 meeting of the sub-committee on 5G and technology trials, Times of India reported citing sources. The meeting saw representatives of different wings of the government taking divergent views on letting Huawei participate in the security trials. Yet, there was consensus about the need for safeguards to deal with security fears that the Chinese major evokes worldwide because of its rumoured ties with the Chinese political and military establishment.

Chinese behemoth Huawei's demand that it be allowed to take part in India’s 5G trials has put the government in a in a potentially tricky spot. Huawei's insistence has the support of Beijing, which, while rejecting allegations and suspicions against Huawei, maintains that the Chinese option would be the right choice, given its technological edge. For Huawei, getting permission to participate in Indian 5G trials is critical as it comes at a time when it faces a global reversal after the ban from the US in 5G.

Source: Times of India

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