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China Tech Daily Briefing (Jun 14)

Jun 14, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (Jun 14)
  1. Didi’s hitchhike service will recover restraining to the same gender
  2. WeChat launches ecommerce feature before 18th June Big Sell
  3. Edutech Tomorrow Advancing Life’s share price in NASDAQ fall dramatically by nearly 10%
  4. ofo says earns more than 100 million in B2B business
  5. Alibaba launches UWE Program with Weibo to promote the integration of social and shopping
  6. CEO: JD doesn’t not enter in ‘perfect’ industry
  7. ZTE’s share price in hongkang fall dramatically by over 41%
  8. HUAWEI P20’s sell reaches 6 million globally with 150% increase overseas
Ruiyao Luo

Ruiyao Luo is a Beijing-based tech reporter. She focuses on emerging startups and tracks the trends in the startup industry in India and China. She can be reached at

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