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India launches national broadband mission

Dec 18, 2019 by The Passage Team
India launches national broadband mission

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Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister for Communications, Law & Justice and Electronics and Information Technology has launched the National Broadband Mission at an event held in New Delhi.

“The National Broadband Mission will facilitate universal and equitable access to broadband services across the country, especially in rural and remote areas,” Telecom and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said

The vision of NBM is to fast track the growth of digital communications infrastructure, bridge the digital divide, provide affordable and universal access of broadband for all and facilitate digital empowerment and inclusion.

NBM will ensure that all the villages will get broadband connectivity by the end of 2022.

“Some of the broadband mission’s salient features include taking optical fibre connectivity to 50 lakh km from the current 22 lakh km, and deploying 10 lakh mobile towers from the present 5.65 lakh sites in next 3-4 years,” Prasad said.

Besides the above mentioned three missions, the National Broadband Mission also aims at significantly improving the quality of services for mobile and internet and it also helps in developing innovative implementation models for Right of Way (RoW) and to work with States/UTs for having consistent policies pertaining to expansion of digital infrastructure including for RoW approvals required for laying of OFC.

The mission will also have a Broadband Readiness Index (BRI) which will measure the availability of communications infrastructure and conducive policy ecosystem within a State/UT. The government will also create a digital fibre map of the Digital Communications network and infrastructure, including Optical Fibre Cables and Towers, across the country.

The mission envisages stakeholder investment of USD 100 billion (₹7 lakh crore), including Rs 70,000 crore from Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) in coming years and “address policy and regulatory changes required to accelerate the expansion and creation of digital infrastructure and services”.

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