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Techbooze Consultancy raises USD 15 Mn in Series A

Jan 13, 2020 by The Passage Team
Techbooze Consultancy raises USD 15 Mn in Series A

Techbooze Consultancy Services Private Limited has raised a Series A funding of USD 15 milllion, led by Space Capital. Techbooze Consultancy Services has been in the market for over 4 years now, and has been raising capital for over 22 startups within the last few years.

The new capital will be deployed to expand its operations, said Founder & CEO, Mr. Subhashis Kar.

Techbooze, acts as a bridge between the startups and investors, filling the information gap between the two entities and facilitates 360 degree support for startup funding - starting right from understanding the current position of the company, i.e., where do they fit in - seed round or angel; creating investment plans, pitch decks, go-to market strategy, and a lot more. Techbooze also helps with development of DPRs (Detailed Project Reports) for architecture and construction projects, in addition to consulting startups & enterprise with their growth strategy.

The company runs an open investors’ forum where it connects startups directly with 300-400 potential investors across the globe. According to Subhashis, startups can submit their growth plans, and other documents for review - as and when, any investor expresses his interest, he/she will reach out to Techbooze for more information. Soon after, Techbooze consults those startups and helps them be on par with the investor’s expectations, and helps the startups pitch to them and raise funds for their growth needs.

“Enterprises and publicly-listed firms have multiple ways to raise funds; but startups are genetically dependent on investors and Venture Capital firms during incubation phase. Being bootstrapped at start, there’s little these startup founders can do to scale further when there is a lack of investor support,” Subhashis said.

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