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Logistics startup RIPPLR raises funding from 3one4 Capital, Sprout Venture Partners

Jan 13, 2020 by The Passage Team
Logistics startup RIPPLR raises funding from 3one4 Capital, Sprout Venture Partners

RIPPLR, (Intelligent Retail Pvt Ltd), India’s first Full Stack Distribution & Logistics company has raised an undisclosed amount in seed round led by 3one4 Capital & Sprout Venture Partners.

Ripplr envisions an integrated, shared, and tech enabled ecosystem for end-to-end logistical support and distribution of consumer brands that enter into the market, empowering them with high real-time data visibility and reach.

“Lower volumes of trade among newer brands, lack of adequate infrastructure and channels are primarily why logistics and distribution costs are significantly high (13- 14% in India) in retail. The high distribution costs and limited availability of distributors make it an arduous journey for new-age brands to move into General Trade despite several products having high demand and market fit, thus limiting new brands to Modern trade/ E-Tail. Ripplr attempts to break this inefficient cycle through its AI/ML based, distribution & logistics platform where these new-age brands can latch on to a Plug & Play model that enables them with an efficient, cost-effective channel for higher reach and visibility in the market. It would also cater to existing established brands that can wield this platform directly or through their distribution network to improve their reach. Consumer aspirations of brands and personalised products are not limited to metros and Tier-1 cities anymore. new-age brands realize this but are handcuffed by the current systems. A fullstack platform like Ripplr can help them reach that audience,” said Abhishek, co-founder of Ripplr.

Ripplr will see its seed funds being deployed to strengthen its Tech & Infrastructure making it a reliable, cost effective, capital light and risk-free distribution platform, with strong tech and processbased backend.

“Ripplr addresses a major pain point in supply chain, particularly for new-age brands, by providing end to end logistics support to brands using technology in an asset light approach within the existing infrastructure. We see strong moat in terms of its technology to connect between all levels of logistics, distribution and retail intelligence. We have found a highly experienced team with complementary skills in Abhishek and Santosh, who come with deep sector understanding and have built and scaled businesses in the past,” said Sahil Gupta , Partner, Sprout Venture Partners.

The Bengaluru-based logistics and distribution service provider has onboarded some of the largest Marquee E-Com & Offline Retail Giants such as Amazon, Udaan, Licious, Grofers, Mc-Donalds and Big Basket over the last 6 months, clocking an ARR of approx. 12 crores and aims at crossing an ARR of 100 crores over the next 12 months. While the start up is headquartered in Bengaluru, it has taken bold steps to widen its presence in NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company has been founded by Ex Flipkart Abhishek Nehru & Ex Reliance Santosh D. who have had strong domain expertise in Logistics & Distribution.

"Despite the rapid growth in the Indian consumer brands segment off late, the on-ground challenges of managing logistics and distribution while exploring general trade options for scale have not matured as one would have expected. In Ripplr, we have been able to identify a low cost, platformized and scalable approach that allows new age consumer brands to discover distribution without requiring the organizational overhead. We’re excited to back a founding team that comes with tremendous domain expertise in this space as well as impeccable operational experience and looking forward to being part of their growth journey," said Anurag Ramdasan, Principal, 3one4 Capital.

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