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Paytm launches All-in-One Payment Gateway and business solutions for SMEs

Feb 5, 2020 by The Passage Team
Paytm launches All-in-One Payment Gateway and business solutions for SMEs

Paytm has introduced ‘All-in-One PG’ and ‘Paytm Business Solutions’ to increase the overall efficiency of both accepting payments and making payments.

“Government initiatives like Zero MDR and encouraging digital acceptance for businesses have opened up new opportunities for digital payments in India. Today, we are announcing our All-in-One PG and Business Payment solutions for SMEs. These services will further deepen the importance of digital payments in their business and bring to them the advantages of the digital economy,” said Paytm founder & CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

All-in-One PG empowers SMEs to collect digital payments across all payment methods without the need for any website or app. Merchants with an annual turnover of over Rs 50 crore stand to gain the most from this service, as they are required to comply with recent Government notification to provide the facilities for accepting payment through digital modes.

SMEs can easily create and share payments links & invoices without investing time & resources to build their own platform. In addition, they have a choice of building their own web storefront using Paytm and further expand their business by acquiring new & digital-savvy customers.

With All-in-One PG enables developers and start-ups to collect user payments across all payment methods on their apps in a seamless in-app manner without any redirections to payment gateway providers thus avoiding possible dropouts and hence higher success rates.

Paytm network has over 200 million unique saved cards and bank accounts repository; this feature enables partner apps the ability to drive faster conversions and reduce transaction times while making payments on All-in-One PG.

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