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IIT Kanpur to provide free online Python courses to universities worldwide

Mar 16, 2020 by The Passage Team
IIT Kanpur to provide free online Python courses to universities worldwide, developed by Dr. Amey at IIT Kanpur, offers many online courses. It is making the online content and access to Prutor free to any university and college in the world which cannot take physical classes anymore due to the coronavirus pandemic. Most colleges have to cancel taking the physical classes in the classrooms, to prevent the virus from spreading. IIT's, IISc, NIT's, and other institutions are just a few of the list of colleges cancelling the classes.

Interested educational institutions can sign up through an online portal ( and will have free access through July 31, 2020 for any number of students.

On March 14, following the announcement of Dr. Amey decision, IIT Kanpur Prof. Mahendra K. Verma said that he thinks that "given that the classes are off, this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to explore the wonderful world of Python." He has also made his online course on advanced Python available for free during this duration.

Dr. Amey said that only the top Indian universities are prepared to introduce online learning, but that many others do not have the necessary infrastructure to run the courses on their own. IIT Kanpur says Dr. Amey and Dr. Sandeep Shukla are successfully teaching thousands of engineering students through Prutor.

Prutor is a revolutionary and proprietary technology developed at IIT Kanpur over the last six years utilizing thousands of hours of teachers and students. It has already been adopted by IIT Mumbai, IIT Goa, IIT Madras and other leading institutions to teach coding. According to Dr. Amey "Any student above 8th grade can learn programming using Prutor". He is also making available lectures in both Hindi and English to any college or university that is interested.

" is a technology that is not available anywhere else, and IIT Kanpur would be happy to provide it to any university and college willing to adopt it. We want to teach coding to as many students as possible, if any company can share some CSR funds with IIT Kanpur, we can help accelerate this," Dr. Amey said.

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