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TCS launches business ecosystem integration services

Tata Consultancy Services’ offering to help enterprises drive innovation beyond their organization boundaries by integrating ecosystems

Mar 18, 2020 by The Passage Team
TCS launches business ecosystem integration services

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Tata Consultancy Services has launched the Business Ecosystem Integration Services (BEIS) suite, to help businesses integrate with larger ecosystems and create new customer-centric, augmented offerings.

In a Business 4.0™ world, enterprises are reinventing their business models to create new products and services, switching from a product mindset to a more customer-purpose centric mindset. They are collaborating with ecosystem partners who offer complementary products and services, to put together holistic and compelling customer experiences and create new business models. Pursuing such ecosystem strategies requires the technology stacks of participating entities to be connected and to communicate appropriately.

TCS’ BEIS suite was conceptualized as the glue to integrate heterogeneous and often legacy technology stacks, within the enterprise as well as outside, facilitating seamless communication with each other and enable collaboration across organizations. The suite has three components:

Advisory Services – Identification of business use cases, assessment of appropriate integration technologies, and definition of the common architecture and roadmap, incorporating best practices.

Integration Services – Building a pervasive integration backbone using APIs, iPaaS/ cloud integration, enterprise service bus, event brokers and B2B integration, creating seamless pathways for real-time data exchange across ecosystem partners and achieve the required business outcomes.

Operational Models – Delivery management, portfolio definition, governance and co-selling of digital integration offerings to business.

“In the digital era, enterprises are increasingly thinking beyond their organizational boundaries and taking a more value-centric approach towards product and services innovation by leveraging broader ecosystems to augment their own offerings,” said Suranjan Chatterjee, Global Head, Cloud Apps, Microservices and API practice, TCS. “Using our new BEIS suite, we can very quickly build future-ready and pervasive yet nimble integration backbones to help our customers realize their ecosystem strategies.”

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