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Ola sets up covid-19 fund for drivers

Mar 23, 2020 by The Passage Team
Ola sets up covid-19 fund for drivers

Ola, Australia’s fastest-growing rideshare platform, has today announced the setting up a special ‘COVID-19’ fund to help drivers impacted by the pandemic. This fund will help compensate for the loss of business revenue for drivers who might get affected by COVID-19. These measures will be supplemented by initiatives to promote mental wellbeing among drivers and an ongoing program to ensure that the official guidance to protect the health and safety of drivers and customers is communicated and followed.

Ola drivers in Australia who are affected by coronavirus or required to self-isolate as a result of exposure or overseas travel will be able to claim financial assistance for up to 14 days while their account is on hold. The amount drivers receive will be equivalent to 14 days worth of their individual average daily earnings on the Ola platform. Active drivers eligible for the scheme will be required to submit documentation to support their claim.

Ola continues to reiterate the importance of practising recommended personal and vehicle hygiene through a best-practice guide for drivers. Ola driver care and safety response teams are available 24×7 for any concerns that may arise for drivers, who are advised to proactively self-report. Ola is also working with authorities to put a hold on the accounts of drivers and customers known to be affected by infection or those required to self-isolate. The company has made a free mental health hotline and counselling service available to all drivers.

Simon Smith, Head of International, Ola, said, “The health and safety of our driver-partners continue to be a top priority for us. While we continue to share health advisories to raise awareness levels, the COVID 19 fund adds a much-needed layer of financial security for drivers and their families in these challenging times.”

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