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China Tech Daily Briefing (Mar, 14)

Mar 14, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (Mar, 14)
  1. Chinese bike-sharing starup Hellobike exempts deposit by cooperating with Alipay’s Sesame Credit platform
  2. Chinese logistics firm SF Express earns 11.2 billion dollars over last fiscal year, growing by 23.68%
  3. Xiaomi’s founder Leijun quits from the chairman at Cheetah Mobile
  4. Ant Finance bets on Telenor Microfinance Bank from Pakistani
  5. Wistron, IPhone’s OEMs, is approved to get land to build factory in Bangalore
  6. Hangzhou City opens to manless driving-test in the neighborhood next to Alibaba campus
  7. Alibaba’s Hema supermartke expands to Wuhan City
  8. Reports shows China’s live-streaming users reach 220 million,and Douyu ranks the
  9. More than 1 million peasants trade on Alibaba’s platform with sales over RMB one trillion
  10. Hit by consumer complaint on selling counterfeit, JD stock price drops by 3.65% to US 44.33
Ruiyao Luo

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