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Indian crypto exchange obtains global license

Mar 31, 2020 by The Passage Team
Indian crypto exchange obtains global license

BuyUcoin has announced its foray into the global crypto markets, when it was granted the Crypto trade and wallet license in Estonia. The Delhi based company plans to offer its platform into countries with legal framework and regulation for cryptocurrencies.

The historic judgment by Supreme Court earlier this month rejuvenated the cryptocurrency industry and there is a shared optimism among the investors, traders, enthusiasts, experts related to the future viability of a supportive legal framework for the digita asset products and service providers. Experts have termed these events as the era of 'Indian Crypto Renaissance.'

"Some call it an exchange of value, some call it a stock and some call it a good/commodity. There may be no difficulty in accepting the divergence of views, if those views are not driven by fear of regulation", the Supreme Court judgment said.

Shivam Thakral, CEO & Co-Founder at BuyUcoin says - "The incredible judgment will lead to economic growth, job creation, investment opportunities along with overall mass adoption for blockchain and cryptocurrency-based products and services. At BuyUcoin, we strive to become the first Indian crypto startup to achieve mainstream international success and global recognition.

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