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China Tech Daily Briefing (Sep 14)

Sep 14, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (Sep 14)
  1. Tencent’s stock price in NASDAQ up by 4.99%, the highest raise in 2 years.
  2. Xiaomi restructures its four business sections into 10.
  3. HUAWEI denies having been acquired by state-owned assets.
  4. Didi Chuxing sets the security education testing for drivers before taking orders.
  5. The smart electronic car company NIO's share price up by 88% in the first trading day.
  6. Pinduoduo’s share price up by 30%.
  7. Video website IQIYI launches Jinshi, a short video app for mid-aged and elderly people.
  8. Internet recruitment startup mofanghr closes B+ round funding.
Ruiyao Luo

Ruiyao Luo is a Beijing-based tech reporter. She focuses on emerging startups and tracks the trends in the startup industry in India and China. She can be reached at

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