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China Tech Daily Briefing (Sep 29)

Oct 5, 2018 by Ruiyao Luo
China Tech Daily Briefing (Sep 29)
  1. Mobile Internet company Chubao listed on NASDAQ on September 28
  2. Maternal and child healthcare service platform Baobaoshu to list in Hong Kong in October
  3. Apartment rental agency Ziroom providing air quality test results for every room in app
  4. WeChat launches short video mini program Kanyikan
  5. Chinese government denies issuing license to Facebook’s Hangzhou company
  6. Mobike launches e-commerce feature in their app
  7. Alibaba to restructure 200 manufacturing factories with IOT equipment
  8.’s first smart delivery robot hits Guangzhou city roads
Ruiyao Luo

Ruiyao Luo is a Beijing-based tech reporter. She focuses on emerging startups and tracks the trends in the startup industry in India and China. She can be reached at

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