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Amazon launches logistics programme in India

Oct 8, 2018 by The Passage Team
Amazon launches logistics programme in India

Amazon has silently launched a project in India called ‘Armada’ which allows sellers to operate their own fleet of delivery trucks in India. The programme was announced in the US earlier and the pilot has started in Delhi. In the US, the company had announced that they would provide vehicles with the Amazon logo at a discounted lease as well as fuel, insurance and other benefits under the Armada programme.

Under the programme, the company has partnered with some logistics companies in India to lease out and supply logistics vehicles to traders. Amazon wants to take the figure to have 1,200 vehicles in a year and aims to make the programme contribute 20% of Amazon’s total deliveries by 2019.

While Amazon did not specifically comment on Armada’s launch in India, a company spokesperson told ET that the company cannot speculate on its future roadmap, “but what we can say is that Amazon continues to invest in its transportation infrastructure and other innovative ways to expand its supply chain capacity and speed up deliveries for customers.”

Source: The Economic Times

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