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Indian ecommerce players act as lifeline for many companies

Oct 9, 2018 by The Passage Team
Indian ecommerce players act as lifeline for many companies

India’s two largest online marketplaces — Flipkart and Amazon — have helped give a new shot of life to some global smartphone and electronics brands that have struggled to make it big in India on their own.

BlackBerry, TCL, Asus, Honor, Nokia, Thomson, Inalsa and Kodak, which either failed to crack the Indian market or withdrew from it, have not only made an impressive comeback but are also expanding and entering new categories after achieving record sales, senior executives of the two marketplaces said. Flipkart and Amazon have handheld these brands — from providing consumer insights to developing products and expanding into new categories.

They have helped by enabling faster payment, reducing the credit period and providing a marketing push, executives of these companies said. Asus and Huawei’s Honor smartphones, which were relaunched in India through Flipkart, achieved sales of 1 million for the first time. Honor was the fifth-largest smartphone by market share in India in the first quarter, according to Counterpoint Technology Market Research.

Source: The Economic Times

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