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Chongkaxiu explores “Pet Economy” via WeChat


Oct 12, 2018 by The Passage Team
Chongkaxiu explores “Pet Economy” via WeChat

A WeChat mini-program called Chongkaxiu is among the latest crop of start-ups in China trying to monetize the Chinese pet economy’s potential. The mini-program has achieved daily pageviews of over one million with over 700,000 aggregate users since its launched in May, said Chinese media outlet 36Kr.

The mini-program allows users to share pet photos and videos from themselves and friends. Working similarly to other online pet communities like WeChat mini-programs Maoka and Maomi, they all aim to build an online community and a sustainable business to their core target users: the vast and growing numbers of Chinese cat-lovers and dog-lovers.

China’s pet economy is estimated to be around CNY 170 billion (USD 25 billion) in 2018. With an expected 10-year compound annual growth rate of 32.8% and low penetration among the Chinese populace, rapid market growth is expected and entrepreneurs are taking actions.

Source: Chinamoneynetwork

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