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Didi eyes for hotel business, under preliminary inspection

Oct 27, 2018 by The Passage Team
Didi eyes for hotel business, under preliminary inspection

Didi, a major Chinese ride-sharing company, is considering incubating new businesses on hotel services after it halts expansion in food delivery. The new direction is still in exploration without specific business model nor detailed schemes, but the intention is clear.

The hospitality business is led by Didi R-Lab group, which previously put efforts in exploring food delivery services, established late in 2017 when Meituan’s business diversified into the ride-hailing industry.

Didi’s intention in the hotel business is revealed through its July partnership with Booking Holdings, a giant travel fare aggregator, as well as investments in Indian hotel chain OYO in September. It is in the hope to expand from local commuting services to long distance travelling and business affairs.

Source: Caijing News

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