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Pony Ma: Tencent to digitally power entity economies

Oct 31, 2018 by The Passage Team
Pony Ma: Tencent to digitally power entity economies

Tencent chairman and CEO Pony Ma has published a letter sharing views on internet industry to its business partners right before the 2018 Tencent Global Partner Conference, scheduled to be held on November 1 in Nanjing.

In the letter, Ma emphasizes on deeper integration between the internet and various other industries, expresses Tencent’s willingness and plan in aiding those traditional industries and public services institutions to digitally update and transform in a decentralized manner.

Tencent’s next step revealed by the letter is to build the social platform and content ecosystem preferred by the young, providing high-quality digital consumption experience while at the same time protecting the minors from unhealthy addiction.

Source: Tencent Tech

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