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ShareChat sues Bytedance for copying product

Oct 31, 2018 by The Passage Team
ShareChat sues Bytedance for copying product

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday ordered Chinese content giant Bytedance to desist from using “ShareChat” as an ad-word on Google. Prior to the court dictating the order, Bytedance, on its own, made a similar submission. ShareChat, however, is allowed to use the ad-word on Google.

The order, reviewed by ET, also directed Google, a defendant in the matter, to not allow, or deactivate Bytedance’s “use of ‘Share-Chat’ or any identical or deceptively similar mark” on its ad-words platform within 48 hours.

In its submissions to the court last Friday, ShareChat’s counsel had alleged that when a user searched its app’s name on Google’s database, Bytedance’s ‘Helo’ appeared as “one of the first search results”.

Source: The Economic Times

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