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China Daily Brief

China Tech Daily Briefing (Nov 09)

Nov 9, 2018 by The Passage Team
China Tech Daily Briefing (Nov 09)
  1. CEO Pony Ma claims Tencent handles users’ data cautiously than other companies.

  2. WeChat Moments ad hits 52 million views as users go past 22 million.

  3. Ride-hailing firm Didi Chuxing add safety features, test video-recording function.

  4. Tencent to cut marketing budgets for video games segment, according to Bloomberg.

  5. TikTok’s DAU in China reaches 200 million while MAU clocks 400 million.

  6. Faraday Future staff launches GoFundMe project to raise USD 50,000 to help out colleagues on unpaid leave.

  7. Elevator advertisement company XinChao media receives RMB 1.2 billion funds from Baidu, says a report.

  8. Report says Alibaba has invested USD 72 million in Chinese chainstore C-store.

(Reported by Diqing Liu, an intern at The Passage)

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