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Tencent launches clone of ByteDance’s joke app

Nov 19, 2018 by The Passage Team
Tencent launches clone of ByteDance’s joke app

Chinese tech giant Tencent has launched Hapi, a clone of ByteDance’s popular joke app Pipixia, in an attempt to lure in the country’s grassroots users. The app allows users to upload and share a collection of short videos, photos, jokes, and memes.

Apps featuring funny short videos are hugely popular among Chinese netizens. Hapi targets directly at the massive group, but such joke apps may be subject to stricter scrutiny from the country’s cyberspace regulators. Built by the team behind Tencent’s QQ browser, Hapi is the latest addition to Tencent’s efforts to explore the booming short video market. The tech giant now has over ten video apps targeting at different user groups, including Weishi, Shanka, DOV, MOKA.

Source: Technode

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