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Tencent launches short video app HaPi to take on TikTok

Nov 26, 2018 by The Passage Team
Tencent launches short video app HaPi to take on TikTok

Tencent has launched short video app HaPi that resembles Bytedance’s Pipixia.

HaPi comes from the QQ team. Unlike other short video products of Tencent, HaPi's interface is simple. Tencent launched the short video app Yoo video at the Global Partner Conference held in mid-November. In October this year, Tencent also launched Music short video app Intoo. As of now, Tencent's short video suite has more than 10 apps.

The success of TikTok speaks volumes about the potential of short video segment. TikTok has helped Bytedance level the playing field with Tencent.

Tencent was quick to take the cue and launched a similar app. Bytedance rolled out TikTok in September 2016. As of June this year, the domestic daily users of TikTok have exceeded 150 million, and the monthly users exceeded 300 million.

The short video field segment is on steroids right now in terms of growth. And Tencent wants to catch up with the trend.

Short video is an important part of Tencent's entertainment layout. At present, Tencent's pan-cultural entertainment ecosystem includes music, games, animation, film and television.

Tencent's short video matrix doesn’t have an app on a par with TikTok. Tencent has more short video products than Bytedance, however, the lack of innovation and quality, and overlapping users take the bite out of its game.

For Tencent, managing swathes of content, meeting the needs of consumers and optimising the user experience wouldn’t be a cakewalk. Needless to say, Tencent has its task cut out.

(Reported by Wanying Zhang, an intern with The Passage)

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