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China Daily Brief

China Tech Daily Briefing (Dec 7)

Dec 7, 2018 by The Passage Team
China Tech Daily Briefing (Dec 7)
  1. Tencent-backed fashion retailer Mogu gets listed in New York Stock Exchange.

  2. Chinese gaming platform iDreamSky’s stock price fell by 8.64% in Hong Kong debut.

  3. Huawei says CFO’s arrest will not change relationships with global suppliers.

  4. WeChat Pay may charge more handling fee for cash withdrawal.

  5. Live streaming platform Douyu justifies layoff as merging of two teams.

  6. Shen Nanpeng resigns as the chairman of social app Momo Technology’s board.

  7. Ofo to set up designated parking areas for its bikes.

  8. Vivo demos first 5G HD live streaming in Guangzhou.

(Reported by Mengjuan Li, an intern with the Passage.)

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