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Short video app Kuaishou doubles down on domestic e-commerce

Dec 24, 2018 by The Passage Team
Short video app Kuaishou doubles down on domestic e-commerce

Chinese short video app Kuaishou has upgraded its e-commerce services, giving priority to “Made in China” goods and partnering with Chinese e-commerce giants in the hope of commercialising its 150 million daily active users.

“Users can buy daily necessities and electronic products elsewhere,” Bai Jiale, Kuaishou’s head of operations, said in a statement. “Kuaishou is the best place for some unique products, such as gourmet [food] hidden in mountains and seas and handcrafted cultural products.”

Other campaigns include bringing in influencer agencies like Ruhnn Holdings and Wanghongmao to help livestreamers who don’t have e-commerce experience. Given previous counterfeit product scandals on Kuaishou and Douyin, Kuaishou also plans to establish a system for quality and risk control.

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