Venture Summit of Emerging Markets

Reshaping the Startup Ecosystems of the Emerging Markets in the Post-COVID Era

Online Webinar

July 7-8, 2020

Co-host & Partner

Venture Summit of Emerging Markets(VSEM) is the premier platform for business exchange and innovation interact between China and emerging market. Organised by 志象网(The Passage), the summit will bring together over 5,000 business and government leaders from 30 countries to explore partnerships and growth opportunities between China and other dynamic regions. Venture Summit of Emerging Markets will address critical issues under the post-pandemic era. It will also identify opportunities in key sectors of mobile internet including gaming, e-commerce, online entertainment and so on. The summit will lay the foundation of collaboration between Chinese innovators and their counterparts in the emerging market.



1.Opening Remark: Global Technology Trends in The Post-Pandemic 2020/07/07 10:00-13:00
2.Southeast Asia and South Asia Session 2020/07/07 14:00-18:00
3.Latin America Session Part I: 2020/07/07 20:00-22:00
Part II:2020/07/08 20:00-22:00
4.Middle East and Africa Session 2020/07/08 14:00-18:00
5.Closing 2020/07/08 22:00-23:00


Southeast & South Asia



Golden Gate Ventures (Southeast Asia)

Keynote Speech

New Opportunities for Southeast Asia and South Asia in the post-COVID times


- 1.Education Panel

Seize the Opportunity of Online Education Populous Market

- 2.Online Working SaaS Panel

How the Pandemic will Reshape the Way We Work

- 3.Entertainment Panel

Entertainment Ecosystem in a Diverse Market

- 4.E-commerce Panel

The Next Big Thing of Ecommerce in Emerging Market

Latin America



Polymath Ventures (Latin America)

Keynote Speech

Opportunities and Challenges for Latin America in Post-COVID Times [Part I]


- 1.Fintech Panel

How Fintech Companies Cope with COVID-19 and the Opportunities Going Forward in Latam [Part I]

- 2.E-commerce Panel

The E-commerce Boom in Latam and the Post-COVID Trends to Watch[Part II]

- 3.Entertainment Panel

Entertainment in the Digital World: How Latam's Creativity Need is Transitioning Online[Part II]

Middle East and Africa



Future Hub (Africa)

Keynote Speech

New Opportunities in Developing Market



- 1.Fintech Panel

The Next Phase of Middle East and Africa Fintech

- 2.Content Panel

Streaming a Diversity of Content in Middle East and Africa

- 3.E-commerce Panel

Unlimited Potential of Middle East and Africa E-commerce Market

- 4.Venture Capital Panel

Reimagine: Opportunities for Becoming Huge in Middle East and Africa



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